Skilltoy meetings in the North of Germany

About us

We are a groups of enthusiastic yoyoers from the North of Germany and have set ourselves the goal to repopularize the sport of yoyo (and related skilltoys like Diabolo and Kendama) in our region. Hereto we plan to offer regular meetings at which both newbies and old-stagers can meet, swap ideas and network as well as learn together and from each other.

International yoyoers are very welcome to join us!

Our role models are the offerings for yoyo players at Slusny in Prague, YoLex in the Bay Area, Saint Petersburg Yoyo School, or the large Yoyo scenes throughout the Asian countries, just to name a few, as well as the German initiatives like the monthly workshops of Yo-Shop.de owner Dave Geigle in Berlin, the monthly NRW yoyo meetings in Düsseldorf and the weekly meetings of Burnin Berlin (also in Berlin). Obviously some more or less regular meetings do also exist in Southern Germany around Munich. This is a great development and in our opinion there cannot be enough offerings apart from the larger events like the German Masters, the BB Open or the Easter Camps  for players, where people can meet, reconnect and swap ideas. So, about time to establish something similar in the North.

The meetings will mostly take place in Hamburg, since it is located quite centrally in our targeted area. We can also well imagine to visit the other larger cities in the North if demand should arise there. Our defined goal ist to preferably offer the meetings at no cost (or at a very low contribution), therefore we are always interested in proposals for new meeting locations.