Skilltoy meetings in the North of Germany

The meetings

The community of yoyo players is a very special, lively and manifold, worldwide connected one. We feel a very close relation to this spirit – from players, for players – and would like to establish an offer for all interested or yoyo enthusiasts to swap ideas, meet and learn or teach new tricks or play styles. To continuously develop oneself and one’s skills, to find one’s own style and permanently evolve is a common trait of playing yoyo and experience has shown that one can learn most from the face to face interaction between people. Not to mention the fun one has in numbers and which is many times higher than just being frustrated alone, when one could not land the trick despite all those great tutorials.

The meetings have a loose character without any determined agenda. During the summer they are favorably happening outdoor, in the case of bad weather we either have a room or an alternative meeting point. Exact information to the next dates are provided here and in our facebook group. There is no teacher-centered teaching, instead everybody comes and plays as he feels like and within his personal possibilities. It also is no contest. All the players like to help with questions regarding tricks, styles or maintenance. We all have started out at one point and have profited from the above described spirit within the community. This is what we would like to return. And apart from that we would be happy if our much too small community would experience a bit of growth. We are unfortunately far away from the popularity a yoyo has in East-European (Poland, Czech Republic and Russia) and Asian (China, Japan – just to name the largest) countries or the USA.

These meetings are also explicitly targeted to international visitors in the North of Germany and players of other skilltoys like e.g Diabolo, Spintops or Kendama. "The more the merrier" is our maxim. Diversity rules.